Kevin Rauch - Actor

(AKA – Kevin Wyrauch)

Kevin Rauch

At an early age, I was encouraged to act in Niagara Falls Little Theater and I can say I don’t remember Bye Bye Birdie very well but could be prompted to sing young Randolph’s part.

After looking to get into a bigger city after high school, my sister invited me to Washington D.C.

As a graduate student of University of Maryland, it was possible to film a one hour length documentary about the long 125 year or so history of Glen Echo Amusement Park which still exists in Bethesda Maryland and used to be a trolley ride away from Washington D.C.

I managed to get going with a camera, lighting and sound career with NBC and ABC News.

I worked directly for such greats as Peter Jennings, Carol Grant, Ted Koppel and the like in the bureau.

After years of camera work, I was fortunate to get into the DGA by way of a little show that aired on NBC called “Americans Black Forum” hosted by civil rights legend “Julian Bond”.

A return to D.C. allowed me to work as an assistant director on the “West Wing”

Besides watching Martin Sheen on this show and spending time with him and other cast members at the White House where we worked on a TV Guide spread before shooting our full days was beyond belief.

Also, getting to work in Film as a DGA  AD for Robert Forster, Cliff Roberston , Kurt Fuller, Dean Norris and the list goes on convinced me that as I got older not only actors were having all the fun, but I wanted to try it.

I have worked in the theater at the Ruskin Theater Group at Santa Monica since 2006, and made it to conservatory status at the Second City Improv Troupe in Hollywood. And have studied with Rob Reece from the Actors Studio.

I have been lucky to work on quite a few great small films and TV Shows and continue to study and work in Los Angeles, Credits on IMDB

My wife and I live in Redondo Beach.

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